Part-Plan Wedding Co-ordination

This package is designed for couples who have had full control in organising their wedding but need assistance towards the end when the planning can become very time-consuming and stressful.

I welcome couples at any stage of the planning process and with my experience I can come on board and take the reins at any point if required. The part­plan package can include any of the services in the full­plan service depending on what stage ofpreparations you are at....

I will commence by holding a detailed consultation with you to explore what stage you are currently at and I can advise and assist from there.

The part­plan co­ordination will include a detailed plan being drawn up for your wedding day to co­ordinate the day and create a schedule for all suppliers/vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly. I will also be there on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly and act as a point of contact for suppliers and guests.