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Why Use a Wedding Planner?

When you start the process of planning your wedding it can quickly become a very time-consuming and stressful time. Venue selection, choosing suppliers and negotiating costs, flower coordination and planning the ceremony are some of the tasks that can become very daunting. Your engagement should be a happy and stress­free time and that is where I come to the rescue!

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Full Bespoke Wedding Co-ordination

This package is designed for couples who want to be in control of their wedding but do not want the stress and strains that come with organising and designing it.

This will commence with a consultation where we will explore with you your visions for your wedding. We will use the assistance of mood boards to project how it will look and come together and discuss the budget. From there I can assist and advise. Some of the services included in this package are...

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Part-Plan Wedding Co-ordination

This package is designed for couples who have had full control in organising their wedding but need assistance towards the end when the planning can become very time-consuming and stressful.

I welcome couples at any stage of the planning process and with my experience I can come on board and take the reins at any point if required. The part­plan package can include any of the services in the full­plan service depending on what stage ofpreparations you are at....

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Venue / Supplier Selections Assistance

Choosing a venue and suppliers is a really exciting part of the planning process.

However, it can also be very stressful when there is a budget allocated and negotiations need to be made. I have a large portfolio of reliable and trustworthy suppliers with competitive price packages. This service is sure to save you time and money.

It is also perfect for couples who are living abroad coming home to get married and do not have the time to meet suppliers and view venues.

Styling Consultation

Some couples have the time and prefer to plan their wedding but would like a little inspiration in designing or assistance with ideas for an unusual theme or venue.

With this service I offer a consultation in which I work with you to create a style concept true to your dreams. This will be presented on a design board which can be shown to suppliers to ensure that they work with this vision in mind when helping you to pull the day together.

On-the-day Co-ordination

Some couples have the time and prefer to plan their wedding themselves but require assistance on the big day.

I fully believe a wedding is a day to be celebrated and thoroughly enjoyed by the couple so long­lasting happy memories can be created. It is not a day to feel anxious or stressed. This service is perfect for couples who have had the pleasure of planning their own day but require assistance in making the day in question run smoothly...

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